Music That Listens..

Music that Listens … Since I Think I can Write..

Yes! I Like me Some Tunes!!

Here is what I am currently flowing to.

LIAM Bailey!!


My Jazz with Music
At one point in time I was heavily involved in interviewing some pretty
splendid artists! Through an amazing local show (see Below) that was allowing the up and the coming musicians in my realm the ability to cage their triumphs in a night of blabbing and blasting thoughts of love, soul, and madness. The show does still live on with an amazing fortitude and grace, I only hope the best for these incredible song birds. Cheers to sharing something with devotion and heart! You can catch the latest episodes on

PDX Spotlight

This Month’s Episode…


PDX Spotlight is a new TV/Web series currently in production in Portland, OR. Our mission is to provide a showcase for local musicians who may not have the resources to promote themselves at the level they deserve.

Everyone on our team has a passion for music. Many are musicians themselves and all of us believe that we live in one of the most diverse music cities in the world. As Portlanders we want to support our local music scene and believe that we can provide a professionally produced product that artists can use to increase their exposure.

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