About The Yam

Hey There.....

Some things About My Crazy

Current Age: 27 (Can my mind still be Young & Adventurous?)

Horoscope: Aries

Favorite Color: Highlighter Lilac

Hometown: Portland, OR

Spirit Animal: Squirrel (in Fall & Winter) & Horse (Spring & Summer)

Everything About My Crazy

Ok, so you’ve found my blog. Now this is where I am supposed to write something incredibly compelling, in hopes that you’ll return to this webpage regularly with an undeniable urge to peer into my strange life encounters. The truth is, friendly reader (yes, you!), I do believe my life exudes plenty of strange mystery to write about and follow. However, how predictable of a young millennial to believe their own life to be worthy of a reality television show?


Let me explain…

I started The-Yam several years ago (2011), when I was determined to accurately blog my travels. You see, after high school I moved down to Mexico to work and live in some fantastical resorts & spas as an entertainment director (this included teaching water aerobics, playing referee in beach volleyball games, etc…). The hours were long and the work could indeed be strenuous, but I lived and breathed the mentality behind the saying, “work hard, play harder” (still do).

Catching up with My Crazy

Amidst my travel, work, and drive to obtain a college education, I lost track of my blogging regularly in 2014. The webpage expired and my blogged ventures were no longer shared via internet blurbs. Summer of 2015, I got my blog up and going again, but still did not have the drive to share my wonders and obscure thoughts with the public. Around mid November of 2016, I had made the pledge to myself, and the world of blogging, to get back to sharing random spurts of my madness on more frequent terms. This spurt lasted for a lucid year or so, and I once again fell under in the world of the Blog (hehe). I hope I haven’t kept you waiting to long.. (sep 2018)… Look for new updates here and there. My writing shall make a come back to once again return my crooked mouth and its ever so wondering audacity to inform the public of my whereabouts.

SHee Meeee TTllee

Living with Health Taxes 

I was diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis in late September. My symptoms were all over the place, and the doctors had their work cut out for them in determining what it is I had stumbled upon. I consider myself fortunate to have such amazing physicians in my vicinity. I am now dealing with the recovery process, and am full of optimism and positivity thoughts/vibes. The experience has once again reminded me to stand as strong as you can in any life experience, and continue to think positively (even when it seems like all earth’s forces are working against you).

Boxing with Kemo
Boxing with Chemo
Chemo done in Style..

Some of the Crazy

Life… Here we go.

Writing and figuring things out.

-The Yam

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