I’m Ashore!

ok I’m at Beach

To travel with two feet, yet on four wheels definitely should in-prison you socially somewhere. Fortunately for me, I was able to escape both forms of beneficial punishment. The Ashore hotel is located in a crevice of Seaside that puts you in the middle of prime beach front estate, yet only in its vicinity and not close enough to visualize the ocean without a stretching out of the legs.

Checking In??

SeaSide, Oregon
On a solo adventure westward from Portland and towards the ocean, Seaside’s people observatory is located directly on Broadway. When referring to that of the beach people watching escapades, I am including the wonders of the notorious candy stores and various tchotchkes that devour and somehow exude the tenacity of the sea. A taste of sweet and salt mixed in with an oblivion of random artifacts leads you to feeling lost, but somehow comfortably at home. 

SeaSide On Broadway

Sometimes Personal
If this somehow reveals to you that my own life is a bit of a hoarders dream, but rivaled by the fruitious victories of moderna, than so be it. I enjoyed a one night stay in a hotel by the sea that enabled me to spend my night doing some causal eating, and reading (wait.. is this too simple to wright about?) I had the luxury of pretending I was lost in a real world 21st century dormitory for the night, where guests shared a wide range of ages. I could complain about not getting a clear and direct view of the ocean from my room, but I would prefer to save my brat monologue for a better suited victor. 

#22Faces Project

DinDin with a To Go Container…
Check in was breezy, room was hard to photograph, and the reading the room assumed I was going to accomplish went fairly well (with occasional lethargical pauses). I took a couple breaks from bunking to catch some of the store fronts and to catch dinner with a view of the ocean. Maggies on the Prom was located off of Seaside’s walkway. They delivered dishes that were gooey, yet impactful for all of those reasons. I also will bask in the glory of this being the first time I brought my own to go container with me to a restaurant. It was an absolute victory of sorts (you can stand in ovation here..applaud applaud). 

Ok, I Got the Picture
                      I Arrived
Fried Willapa Bay Oysters
Wild Mushroom Steak

Mysticism of the Sea
The following day, I choose to stay in the lobby for breakfast. I lost an hour due to daylight savings time and casually walked around the main skirts of town. I felt lazy, with all of natures amenities around me. I had fantasized about a run on the beach in the morning, and then it never transpired. I settled with a sluggish jog towards the tide and then away from it. I guess that is the monstrous mysticism of the sea, you set yourself a sail, and still somehow end up floating ( I just need to figure out how to work on my speed! )

Good Day
Lobbying an Hour Earlier than I would have Been…
Breakfast With a Waffle..In yo Bed!
Im Guessing… Possible Waffle Leaving for BnB

On the way home, and with my to go containers that I am determined to make use of. I couldn’t help but to stop at a local fish market and pick up a crab cocktail. While my coffee from the previous day still lingered in the cup, I was lucky enough to have it cleaned out and replenished with ocean’s pure froth. 

Bell Buoy
Bell Buoy Crabs
To Fish!


– The Yam

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  1. Very interesting & innovating! Now I’m starving after the viewing of the seafood photos! Do u really like pan fried oysters as I do! If I’ve never told u the story of your bio grandfather, remind me the next time we meet? U will love it!

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