Crop Busting!

October is upon us, and as this fall has seen a warmer sun than most, exploring the cave dwelling arenas of the world has never seen or looked more appealing. I have now found myself indulging in what I would like to call crop busting! While this season allows us all to prick and crinkle at all of the hard work nature does to give as all a whammy of color admits the changing of the seasonal masts, what better way to over impose on a solid hub of crop fruition than to take a jab at some unusual eateries and such! In other words, cheers to seeing the effort of sweat & tears all compacted into grooves and crannies where one can find a sense of ubuntu in forms of exhibition!

It’s Time for a Hillbilly Moment!

Would this be Life without the Showcased Bucks?

First: A Quick Synopsis of the Quail & the Run

My Starbucks Team!
PDX Starbucks Mural

After having a health scare back in 2016. The huge unexpected life hiccup allowed me to get caught in the disappearance of overly abundant coffee in a crosswalk of transit. I began working for the maiden herself (Starbucks) at the Portland airport. It was a nine month run of love, hatred, and indeed an admittance to an addiction that takes a tenacious audacity to kick (Go coffee Go!). For both fiscal and personal stride, I am so grateful for the opportunity to have poured so many loved cups of good ol’ JO! To work behind such a store front as the Siren, I will have to admit that there truly is nothing quite like the Starbucks spell. Quick, reliable, and a gliming way to deliver that ensemble (ya know… COFFFEEE!!!!…. GET YO COFEEEEE HERE!!) of what every day filled with a wave of moving X’s and O’s looks like. On the flip side to running and moving so many pours in so little time, I do realize the bliss in stopping and pausing for a moment to appreciate the craft at hand. While I will say that Starbucks has definitely taken a cake of sorts in the world of serving the public its daily beverage, It is amazing to catch its rivals eyes. Ya know the cave like rivals that have put a stake in the art of show casing their attributions to public cravings in hasty manners! To run like the Quail, without the cage of the run? Is it possible??!

Crop Busting Stops!

Crop Busting Stop #1:

Flourish- “Plant-Based Kitchen”


(St.Johns, Oregon)

Sinage of Ops

On the way into St. Johns lies a hidden hub of food trucks on Lombard & Burr. I stopped in for a quick jab of eel all rolled onto a slap of giant nori. The $9 pick me up was full of sliced healthy veggies with quinoa that allowed one to taste the mechanisms of food consumption that was capable of delivering sensations that allowed the taste buds to assume you had consumed a pickle with an assortment of enzymes that have not yet met concealed glass for fermentation.

Should you Nurrito?

Crop Stop #2:

 3 Jarritos

(503) 309-3008

3625 NE Martin Luther King Junior Blvd
Portland, OR 97212
Tacos Al Pastor

Con Hambre
Cuando ya estas en el medio del  Martin Luther Rey en noreste de Portland entre los calles de Fremont y Beech puede encontrar un lugar donde el viento podría visitar pero…. SENIOR!, cuando la fuerza del naturalidad ya tiene el sentido del hambre en esta ocasión no tenga las ganas ni las penas a sacar tus velas. Ya estamos listo a comer libre de los techos. En una carrera donde no podemos encontrar nada de los lineas claros. 

Me pagae $1.75 por cada uno taco al pastor. Les vienen tan grande pero todavía ellos se queden en mi pequeño barco de plástico que me llevo a sentirme mejor sobre todo que me gasto. Cuando me recibí el pass de la mujer con la espátula y mis tacos, en tiempo real me recoger mis emociones y sentidos de hambre y anda desde la salida con….pues..mis tacos SENORES! 

¿Ya es Tres Jarritos Muchachos?

Crop Stop #3:  Now and Then One will Noodle!

Ok, I can recall immersing myself to the splendor of the never mistakable cup of noodle, never to forget what a dry powder can do to a dry and crooked forgotten noodle of the world. While not the average person sits and contemplates on the crops that make those noodles, some HAVE. This contemplation has unfolded quite a spectacular food wonder that can be seen as….well….. cupping the noodle.

Here is what I’ve found after leaving the minor leagues..

Ramen Food Cart: 4th & College – Portland, Oregon

I wandered astray from the average noodle cup in the University district in town. I quickly realized the keen sense one has to have at allowing just the right amount of oil and fats into a perculiur cup of noodle. Now after considering stock piling particular oils to meet my needs, I will confess that Ramen was honest in deliver. No empty spaces were left unbathed in a marinade (however… it could be easy to out beat the average styrofoam delivery).

the AKA

Challenge… Take Yo To Go Container with ya…. ??? Can you keep it Clean??

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