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History tends to unavoidably inscribe its presence in one fashion or another. Whether it is found muffled in the voices of the old and wise, or illustrated in the accumulation of rings within an aging sturdy tree. From its spoken tokens, to its more visual ones, history can become a thing of the present if given enough relevance. Its recollection merely rests in the hands of the curious, and the minds of the fascinated. While the intent to chase history is no secret to diverse cultures , sometimes we can find glimpses and explanations of it quicker than anticipated.

Where at?
My wannabe philosophic talk has been brought on by my recent weekend get away stay at the historic Timberline Lodge. The lodge is nestled among the SouthEastern ridges of Mt.Hood. The traces of history are felt within its architecture and amongst the grandeur of the mountain. A tourist may be quick to gasp at the impressive presence of the lodge, but i don’t think anything surpasses or emulates the beauty of the windblown mountain it sits upon.

When & Why?
Timberline was built in the late 1930’s. A time where our country was stricken by the great depression. However, the lodge itself renders no signs of spared expenses. The lodge was commissioned amid the height of world fairs and the return of the appreciated artist and craftsman. A reminder that during periods of rough labor and ruptured optimistic spirits, creativity and patiently skilled hands can still be dwelt upon and treasured most.

Our stay…
Our stay consisted of two nights and three days atop of the precious peak. The structure harvests an undeniable amount of preservation and care. Its entrance alone makes you feel as though you have become a part of some visiting museum exhibition. There is evidence of wear and tear in certain cracks and crevices that have grown in age with the lodge. Although i knew that our stay was welcomed with warm hospitality throughout the entire lodge, its sensation of historic merits made me feel as though every step i took needed to be made in a cautious manner. A simple stroll through the lodge can easily become a casual tread through history. Something i am most certain requires a soft foot and a easily reached imagination.

Cozy Room
Our MakeShift Mini Bar
Hi… Operator??

A novice to all active things involving snow, my days were spent enjoying carefully cutting and carving my way on board through the tree filled terrain Timberline is most known for. While speedy skiers and boarders passed me by with ease, i caught myself not only checking out and admiring their technique, but the technique of the softly spoken mountain side. The days were perfect in weather. Snow made quite an appearance, but nothing that got in the way of clear visibility. Fortunately for me, my boyfriend was outfitted in a bright green Turtle Ninja onesie (he couldn’t loose me if he tried).

My Ninja…

The warm drinks the lodge served up were exactly what you would dream up for a snowy stay at a wooden mountain lodge. They were topped with whipped cream and covered in an essence that read “this drink is the shh****t.” The meals were delicious, but in no way did any of the menu’s give you a subtle experience in dining. They were all equipped to create and mesh well with the kind of “unforgettable” experience the lodge as a whole was designed to perfect. We did enjoy the brunch buffet’s both mornings that we were there, but there wasn’t a whole lot of doing it simple. Which i will say i both loved and hated in the most ambivalent way (The Wy’East lodge does offer a more easy going approach though) .

Spiked Warm Cider
Spiked Warm Hot Coco

To the preservation of all things lost in history,

The Yam

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