March 15- 22, 2017

Wednesday – March 15, 2017


The Route!

Call it Spring Break, call it an urge to hit the open road, or call it friend stalking. This past week my lova and I decided to head east to Colorado to see some friends and American acreage we were well past due to see. Our trip began a bit rough. The two of us both had work early am on Wednesday and leaving at rush hour seemed almost unavoidable.

Our Plan Was This…

1)Hit the road by 2
2)Avoid all Road Rage (this trip was suppose to be a happy one)
3)Drive straight through to Salt Lake City (where a friend awaited)

What Actually Went Down…

1)Got on the Road by 4
2)Did maybe a little bit of tail gating
3)Took quite a few non gas related pee breaks (don’t ignore your bladder)


Moonlight Drive


Thursday- March 16, 2017
We arrived in Salt Lake City super early Thursday morning. We were practically zombies by the time we made it. The drive was about 11 hours, and we also lost an hour because of the time change. We stumbled into our friends house and passed out for a healthy five hours before we got up and attempted to make the second half of our trek. When we arrived in Salt Lake it was pitch dark and our will to sight see was masked by our want to snooze. Luckily, when we woke up, the sky was blue and the pass was clear. It is hard to ignore the fact that Salt Lake City sits surrounded by some of the most scenic mountains. Alone on this pad of flat land, surrounded by mountains on all ends, the city is continuously reminded of natures wonders.


Utah Mountains

Before we got on our way, we decided it best to fill up the tanks. Fortunately, discovering amazing brunch places is only a click away thanks to smarty phones. We landed on a place called Ruth’s Diner, which happened to be tucked away along a mountain ridge. An old trolley car turned funky restaurant, Ruth’s turned out to be the right move. The biscuits were fluffy and cloud like, which worked perfectly with the mouth watering food (edible yummy cotton balls should find a place in this world).

Pulled Pork Benedict
Mile High Biscuits & Gravy
Calling Ruth…

We made zero side stops on the way from Utah to Colorado. However, we did decide to take the longer scenic route into Colorado which set us back hour or so (highway 70). We wanted to make it into town at a reasonable hour Thursday evening. This we accomplished. We got into Boulder, Colorado around 6 that evening. Perfect time to catch our hosts, settle in, and head out for some din din.

Highway 70

Din din was had at a local brewery named Fate. Burgers and beers were the perfect Colorado greeting. It was here, our first encounter with Colorado establishments, that I caught on to the customer sticker tipping trend. They were everywhere!! Stores, restaurants, businesses. You showed the place a little consumer love, and out popped or appeared a sticker. Brilliant I tell you! I think I’ve began a new memorabilia collection. Not to say that stickers haven’t made their way to the far west, but the sticker game was strong people, it was strong.

Friday- March 17, 2017
Friday we woke up to high 70 degree weather! Hellooo Vitamin D! I was thrilled, however my boyfriend sang a different song. He was dreaming of Colorado powder the moment we decided to make the road trip happen. Instead of attempting to hit the slopes, we opted to explore the college hyped town of Boulder. We found ourselves on Pearl Street right away. Local stores, good food, and a handful of buskers. It was here we finally realized it was St. Patty’s day. The brunch spot we scoped out was filled with festive green everywhere. Snooze, the name of the place, offered us some festivity and a solid breakfast (go for the blueberry danish cakes). The store fronts on Pearl hold up historically. The buildings on pearl are aged, and detailed brick inlaid with dates from the 20th century are a common sight.

Boulder Historic Theater


The Dirty Chai
Capp Me PuhhLeez
Blueberry Danish Pancakes


Juan’s Breakfast Tacos

The night ended with pizza and convo with the lovely couple who willingly opened their doors to us (thanks guys, I know we’re a handful).

Saturday- March 18, 2017
While in Colorado, we knew a hike was necessary at some point. Our hosts guided us to a trail in boulder known as the Royal Arch. When I say we did nothing short of a savage hike, we did nothing short of a savage hike. It was intense! We actually found ourselves hiking into the trail head, which added a couple of miles to the route. The incline was no joke, and the panting and wheezing we encountered along the way (not just from us… but everyone on the trail) was a nice affirmation of just how difficult the hike actually was. I was waiting for someone to pop up out of nowhere and hand me a congrats sticker, but this unfortunately didn’t happen.


Savage Hiking
Crew Hike
Made it to the Top!!
Royal Arch Hike View
Defne Living Up to her Name

We did however have a well deserved lunch at a Mexican place called Pica’s (cute patio out back). The food was delish and I even opted for soda to quench me thirst.

Our evening was spent driving to Aurora, Colorado where my boyfriend’s cousin was hosting a baby shower. We hung out for awhile, found a skatepark and did some people watching, and ended up at a massive game center (Boondocks). We played some mini golf (I’m the reigning champ by the way), enlarged connect four, and bowled well into midnight. It was good to see some more familiar faces, and get down in some pin knocking.

Sunday- March 19, 2017
Sunday was the day we were suppose to make snowboarding happen. We set our alarms for an early start time, and had the gear laid out. Our plans failed when we ignored the alarms and slept until noon. A late start called for brunch (we hit up Snooze again) and another go around on Pearl Street.

We also found ourselves stopping in for Tea at a local tourist draw. Dushanbe Teahouse was bright and colorful, and home to some pretty tasty selection of brews. I went for a hot Lilly Pearl tea that was hand rolled and once set in hot water, unfolded to display some cute jasmine flowers.  The Dushanbe Teahouse was actually a gift to the city of Boulder from their sister city of Dushanbe, Tajikistan. The artistry and live music was in a way meditating. I also believe it was the day of the Persian new year, which was a well fitted mimi celebration.

We decided we would hit a local grocery store and do a relaxing dinner at home. Homemade burgers were everything we needed and some!

Homemade burgers!!

Monday – March 20, 2017
With a relaxing night behind us, we finally made Monday our slope day! We are pass holders at a place in Oregon, which amazingly gave us three free days at a well known resort in Colorado. Winter Park was about and hour and a half drive back into the Rockies. The drive was gorgeous, and so was the weather. We had a great time, but definitely caught some mushy snow. The views and light people traffic made it well worth our time.

WinterPark Views @ LunchBreak
Tippity Top @ WinterPark
Lift Winter Park

The evening was capped with a phenomenal dinner at a place called Aji (again located on Pearl St). We opted for a family style dinner and ordered a galore of tapas. When I say it was delicious, I think we all did some kind of professional plate licking.

The first day of spring was spent in snowy mountain spring conditions, and ended with good food and great people! Cheers to new beginnings!

Tuesday- March 21, 2017
Tuesday it was back on the western road. We said our goodbyes, ate a good fast breakfast, and got back on the road. With a heads up from a lady we met at a gas station, we had planned to stop at Deadhorse point in Utah. It was close to a six hour drive from boulder, but not to far out of the way towards home.

The stop was well worth our time. I have yet to see the Grand Canyon, but I would imagine that it was comparable to that on a miniature scale. You could sit along the cliffs and kind of stare in awe of what took millions upon millions of years to make. The wind would occasionally pick up, and imagining opening up my jacket and flying with the wind currents down into the Colorado river was a reoccurring thought (skydiving will happen one of these days).

Deadhorse Canyon

We had planned to stop in Salt Lake City again, this time with an earlier arrival. Sadly, we actually found ourselves somewhat lost for about an hour or two. One wrong turn led to another wrong turn, and a couple of hours got tacked onto our trip. Once again arriving into Salt Lake later than expected.

Wednesday March 22, 2017
Wednesday morning involved treating our host to a quick breakfast at a place called Pig & A Jelly Jar, and then taking back to the road. We once again, by word of mouth, were recommended a stop in Twin Falls, Idaho. Shoshone Falls sort of appears out of nowhere. The canyon it falls between sort of drops off from a ground level view. Kind of making it a secret natural jewel.

Double Rainbow!!

Boise, Idaho was another quick lunch and early dinner stop. Finding ourselves in the old historic downtown of Boise, we picked out an Alehouse and went to town on a happy hour menu. It just so happened that it was the first night of a music festival in town (Treefest). An extra night added to the trip was tempting, but we decided it better fit to remain on schedule. Making it back into Portland right before midnight.

Ale House

To Occasionally Taking the Road Most Traveled,


The Yam


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