The year is 2017, the place is currently Portland, OR (my hometown), and my ambition is currently running on miscellaneous fumes from some of 2016’s spiraling obstacles. There are no specific bottled up wants and desires that I feel I have to take hold of, but there is a pictured vision that the year will take me through another conclave of unforgettable experiences. I’m hoping to catch some of the past’s elegant mischief, along with the future’s sophistication.

I turn a ripe old age of 25 this year in April. The thought alone shoves shivers, and skewed questions, down every inch of my body. Aren’t I supposed to be fully “adulting” at the pristine age of 25? Am I as responsible for a person who’s lived a quarter of a century should be? Does a person at this day, and at my age, start a physical diary for mere amusement and recollection (I guess I can assume my blog blurbs are something of the sort)? And finally, will I ever find a way to make a living from continually housesitting my parents home (or wait… I suppose I could just say that I still live with them)?

I think it is safe to assume that I am still lost in both transition and translation. As far as contributing to my current state, “where in the world am I at in life”, I am trying to be as optimistic and open minded as possible. While I feel like I sound as if I am letting Life roll out its carpet all on its own right in front of me, I want to make it clear that I am at least trying to determine what direction, coat texture, and occupants are involved.

Wait… Where am I Going?

Cheers to 2017 ringing in diverse, adventurous, and life growing experiences.


Through bloggy internet vibes, I send you nothing but positive love and positive energy to start your year filled with appreciated magical moments.


Yours truly,











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