Magic City
I just recently learned that Miami is also known as the “Magic City.” And (don’t you dare follow in my footsteps and start a sentence like this…), of course I would like to know by what means. Perhaps it is the fact that the city itself is built atop swampy wet land that continuously endures a harsh beating from the weather. Perhaps it is the fact that the rich and famous can roam around incognito because of Miami’s population of gorgeous people. Or, perhaps it is the fact that Miami is set upon a stage where a diverse collection of people can intermingle in a fairly fluid way. As Miami is knowingly one of the cruise capitols of the world, the mixture of culture, and its people, has the potential to leave any individual in the same confused state as magic is known to do.


Are We On Cops?
Our first day in Miami included eating, riding around in the back of Uber cars, eating, and dodging Miami’s torrential rain. We also experienced what appeared to be a seizing of property by the Miami police. The restaurant we made our way to for lunch, shortly became surrounded by police vehicles not to long after we arrived. Next thing you know, the restaurant is being cleared out and cops begin to fill the place. Perhaps it was on the account that the food was a bit of a shame there. The venue itself  (Pride & Joy) seemed lively with wacky décor, but the food wasn’t able to complement the appearance. I would have ticketed the restaurant myself with an awful food prep award.


Arrest Who??
Arrest Who??

Betsy, Yes. 
Luckily, dinner was a whole other story. We found a formal steak restaurant on the South Beach strip in a hotel by the name of Betsy. The food was unbelievably delicious, and was worth every penny that it cost. The steaks here were so good that I decided not to picture them in all of their glory (well plated in a smooth ambience). Instead, I leave you with to go pictures of my meal to keep your imagination afloat.


Drinks With a Side of Rain
The night was capped off with giant, and ridiculously priced, drinks at a bar showcasing a live flamenco show. Florida’s tropical rain seemed to interfere, but regardless the dancing and our sipping of cocktails continued on through midnight.

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