Day 1: Some philosophical thought…
If my hometown Portland, Oregon has taught me anything, it is that a city’s growth in this economy is more than doable. What I still have yet to side with is the rationality of it all. Does a city expand and renovate its interior under the premises that it is creating jobs and more potential market space, or does a city expand for its own shelved ego?


Now (& we are still constructing)

Welcome to Miami
As I sit perched on a deck in Miami (with a beautiful view of all that Miami encompasses), I can’t help but to deny the excitement of a constantly evolving city. One that has the potential to grow and create space for newcomers, and one that has the potential to grow and leave the less fortunate even further behind (not excited about this… but it is a reality).





Miami Wasn’t Built in A Day
While some will argue that we have reached some kind of democratic civility, I think it is safe to say that in this day in age, the more a city grows, the more primitive its interior appears. As the old saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, but the less repeated concept of Rome is that while a city’s “ruler” may fall or change hands, it’s infrastructure (referring to its monuments) will never fall. And if Rome’s Coliseum can remind us of anything, it is that as a species, we have continually fought for a chance to rise in the ranks (and buying tickets to watch it happen). For a chance to be both a peoples’ leader, and a self serving one.

Back in the Day...
Now?? BTW... Miami has a Beautiful stadium!!
           BTW… Miami has a Beautiful Stadium!!


Who Had it Right?
I think it is also important to note that Rome’s Coliseum is not the only ancient building still standing, we can’t forget about the ancient temples and churches that served (and continue to do so) as representations of populations built more around socialism. However, who is to say what civilization has it right? Not one has truly withstood the test of time.

Blah…Blah…Blah… (I know) … but this stuff is important! For me, a big city makes me think about all of the above (can’t I just enjoy myself??).Besides, I am in Miami and I have an undeniable urge to party, shop, and salsa dance!! While the first two things may set me back a pretty penny, my last lust is completely free (unless your charging me for my free time). O, and I do want to do some tourist sight seeing of course.

Day 1: Miami…
Traveling with my complex parents (I call them complex both to be as nice as possible… and because its absolutely true) to Miami for an Eastern Caribbean cruise. We arrived last night, on my father’s 64th birthday, to a city well decorated in what may be both Christmas lights and continuous décor (it is hard to tell… Miami is kind of naturally festive and flashy). We are staying several nights in town, before cruising off into the vast Atlantic. We are staying in a cute condo in the Brickell neighborhood, booked through VRBO (kinda an old-fashioned version of Air B&B).

More to Follow… 

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