Shall We Brunch?

Within the last 15 years, Portland, Oregon has blossomed from the depths of its many eclectic Portland residents’ basements. Portland has now become the epicenter of….well… AMAZING FANTASTICAL PLACES, PEOPLE, & THINGS. Allowing traditions, like successful brunching, to become a natural hobby for the average Portland person.



Gravy Anyone?

While the majority of intelligent people that find a sweet brunch spot choose to keep the location secret (nobody wants their brunch place to go main stream… its just not Portland enough if it does so…), I am choosing to play stupid on your own behalf (your welcome). Gravy is located in the laid back neighborhood of N Mississippi Ave. It is yet hidden, but in plain site. One of Gravy’s giveaways is the loitering crowd it accumulates on the outside sidewalk.



Nope… Everything is just fine.. your    just in Portland


No Reservations

No reservations, no problem. Gravy does not take reservations, and its dining space is quite intimate. This can fortunately mean that eavesdropping on ongoing table conversations, and peeping in on the delicious dishes, is more than possible. I will say, if you find yourself fancy for some time away from your normal breakfast/lunch routine, chances are that you might be internally craving casual brunch conversation yourself. So, perhaps think about the additional time it takes to be seated, as another opportunity to chat it up with your brunch mates/mate/ or maybe just yourself (talking to yourself is an acceptable act in P-Town).

Take A Peek…


Gravy's Monte Cristo
Gravy’s Monte Cristo


Country Fried Steak
Country Fried Steak


Build Your Own Omelette..
Build Your Own Omelette..


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