Who is this Afternoon bird exactly?

(We have the early bird & the night owl.. but what about the afternoon aviator?) 

Angry Birds

Ummm it’s Tuesday…
A free Tuesday is before you, and a will and a want are pulling at your adventurous pockets. Do you wake up early to catch the full breadth of the day, or do you nonchalantly rise out of bed at an hour that is favored by the rebel prepubescent teenager on a weekend?

Leave Us Alone
My adventurous companions and I were channeling the rebellious teenager versions of ourselves, when we decided to embark on a beach excursion that left sometime after 12 and somewhere before 1.

Departure Location
The city of Portland, OR is conveniently located a quick stretch from the Oregon coastline, countryside, and breathtaking mountains (no, that does not mean that you should consider living here yourself…find your own oasis).

Arrival Location
Cannon Beach, OR sings a rather new age suburban sonnet. It’s shops and residences give off the expected beachy feel, but do so in a “we’re together, but we’re not together” vibe. You find patches of intentionally similarly designed houses and store fronts amidst odd ball peacocked structures. All of which coincide quite nicely with the majestic nature of Cannon’s renowned natural attraction, Haystack Rock (which appears, in a remarkable manner, in and out of place).

Cute Suburban...
Cute Suburban Feel…
Plus sign
Arty Surfer Invasion
Arty Surfer Invasion


What to do Upon Arrival?
While my boyfriend opted for an immediate fix of ice cream (I mean… when you’re this close to the land of Tillamook, home of the diary gods, it does only make sense), there are a collection of beach front stores and galleries that would make any arty consumer giddy.

Ice Cream
Ice Cream Coning It
Shadow Selfie
Shadow Selfie
Cannon Beach 2
Sort of Candid Selfie

Sort of Ferris Bueller Meets the Less Focused Goonies
Just as I thought I had the afternoon bird’s personality all figured out (I was thinking a bit of the Bueller drive mixed in with the less focused somewhat adult version of the Goonies crew), a more literal version appeared before us in several variations. At first, it was the lone seagull we encountered as we first made our way down to the beach. He obviously took the later gust of wind in from the city and appeared to be in search for similar companions (considering his solemn, but attentive stance…. he was taking in ocean views like no other seagull I have ever seen). Then, as we found ourselves strolling further along the beach, a lost shivering penguin (probably not a penguin… but definitely in a similar fam) was being tended to by a lifeguard. It was then that I had the realization that we ourselves were kind of like the lollygagging aviators for the day. Sometimes a relaxed take on a day trip can result in a lost day, while other times it can present you with the opportunity to take in some incredible views.

I think she wanted to be in our crew that day...
I think she wanted to be in our crew that day…
Cannon Beach
Cannon Beach
Lone Seagull
Lone Seagull

We Shopped, We Beached, & We Ate
Although our time spent at the beach was short lived, I would say that our accomplishments were quite grand for our immaturish take on efficient day trip departure times. We did a fair amount of shop adorning, ocean breeze consuming, and neighborhood exploring. The trip concluded with a stop at a speedy restaurant named Tom’s (where I enjoyed a delicious blackened salmon Caesar.. and the company I was with). Overall, the trip was a success and we all returned home before… the sunset.

Tom's Fish & Chips
Tom’s Fish & Chips
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